The British.

Where do the British come from? Human civilisation spread out from the Eastern Mediterranean, and we are no exception. 
The story of all the British is the story of the Celts.

Before 35,000 BC: Only 5,000 homo sapiens sapiens exist, around the Mediterranean. 
35,000 BC Small numbers of humans reached Europe and as far as Australia. 
8000 BC Birth of farming. First towns, notably Catal Huyuk in Turkey, and Jericho in Palestine.
5000 BC Summerian civilisation in southern Iraq, Egyptian civilisation began.

4122 BC Adam born. Eve. Cain, Abel, Seth

3434 BC Building began on the Egyptian pyramids, Architect Enoch. They were expert astronomers, and knew the dimensions of the earth accurately. Quite capable of navigating to South America, where similar pyramids were built. Their unit of length was the inch, the same inch we (should be) using today.

2800 BC Stonehenge started.

2500 BC Noah’s flood. Ham, Sham, Japeth.

2144 BC Abraham goes to Ur – he was a Summerian. Had son Issac; Issac’s sons were Esau, and Jacob

1892 BC The 12 tribes of Israel: Jacob renamed Israel. Israel had 12 sons, who became the 12 tribes of Israel (Genesis 49:28). One of the twelve was the tribe of Judah, (later known as the Jews). Tribe of Joseph split in two: Ephraim & Manessah

1456 BC Moses Exodus Some Israelites (part of the tribe of Dan) go to Troy, become the Trojans, a few go to the British Isles; avoid 40 years in the desert.

1454 BC First Celts, the Tuatha de Daanan, arrive in Cornwall. Nation of Britain born.

The Phoenecians surfaced at the same time and in the same place as the Israelites arrival in Israel. They either lived on top of one another or were the same people. A major trade route was to Cornwall (Danmoni) for metals. When they settled in cities (eg Carthage near Lybia), their customs and religion were Israelite. Until 600BC they had an instrument which performed the functions of a sextant. By 300 BC the Pheoencians had migrated westward out of the Mediterannean. Their ships were very similar to those of the Vikings a thousand years later.

1434 BC Heremon crowned King of Ireland (He was descended from Zarah, Judah’s twin son, symbol red hand. Scarlett cord + Star of David still in Ulster’s flag. Gen 38:27.)

1103 BC Brutus crowned King of England. Grandson of the Trojan King Aeneas (a Trojan descended from Zarah, Judah’s first born) rounded up hundreds of those defeated at the siege of Troy and travelled to Spain. Arrive England 1103, Brutus crowned King of England, renamed Landin the City of New Troy, later renamed London.

1004 BC King David of Israel. Crowned on Jacobs Pillow. Descended from Judah’s second son, Pharez. Visited Ireland. Promised his house and throne would last forever in II Samuel 7:16 and other places. Army: 1,570,000 men: 1 Chronicles 21:5. With the “Phoenecian” Navy he ruled from Gibralter to Iran. God unconditionally promises Israel will continue as a nation forever. II Sam. 7:16, 24, 29; 1st Chron. 17:22-27; Jer. 31:35-37 So where are they now? Not the Jews, they weren’t a nation for 1800 years, and they still have no King.

975 BC Solomon crowned on Jacobs Pillow by Zadok. Builds temple; precious metals for adornment, gold, silver tin etc supplied by Celts in Cornwall. The church was fully established to the nation (like the Church of England is today.)

927 BC King Rehoboam. One of the twelve tribes, Judah in the south, ‘suceeded from the union’ and set up a separate state called Judea. So from now on, I Kings 12 21-23: the “House of Judah” (the Tribe of Judah, the Jews) in the South is separate from the 11 tribes of the “House of Israel” in the North (Samaria).

The first mention of the word Jews is 1,200 years after Abraham in the 12th book of the bible, II Kings 16:6. Temple sacked for first time, by Egyptians.

Tribe of Dan in Ireland, married into the crown. The Druids there already worshiped Jehovah.

721 BC The House of Israel carried off into captivity in Assyria This was most of the Israelites, the 10 Tribes of Northern Israel, 2.5 million of them, taken to the Assyrian province of Scythia (North West Iraq, under Caspian Sea), where they were slaves. Note these were not from the tribe of Judah, so therefore not Jews. II Kings 17:6 18:9 by Shalmaneser, King of Assyria. When Hoshea was King of the House of Israel, and Hezekiah King of the House of Judah.

650 BC Kingdom of Assyria fell apart, the House of Israel became a free people. Then and there they disapperared, 2.5 million of them. So where are they now? Christ knew, because he gave them the evangelical Christian mission in Matthew 10:6 and 15:22 (KJV).

650 BC The Celts arose, 2.5 million of them, as a huge new nation in the provice of Scythia, in what had been Assyria. The Greeks named them “Celtoi” which means “the Tribes”. Historians agree on this origin of the Celts. Their tribal names included the Tuatha de Dannan (who renamed everything from the Danube to Denmark after them), the Khumri, the Scythians, and the Saxones.

The Celts migrate from Media in Scythia, and temporaily become the Galatians, Ephesians, Thessalonians, Colossians Corinthians and Philippians as they move west through Europe. The Celts are Europe’s largest civilisation so far.

600 BC Remaining Zarahite-Judah Milesians left Spain; married into the Irish crown .

583 BC Tribe of Judah (The Jews) taken to Babylon in captivity by Nebuchadnezzar, where he murdered the princes and blinded King Zedekiah, the last king to rule in Israel. (2 Kings 25:1, 2 Chronicles 36:20) Here the Jews largely gave up their Old Testament religion in favour of the Mishnah and Talmud, a satanic Babylonian book they still use today. The fondness for satanic black in clothes (and now cars) is not an accident.

The prophet Jeremiah took Zedekiah’s daughter, Princess Tea (Tamar)-Tephi (David-Judah) to Ireland, and married her to the Zarahite Judah Eochaidh, King of Ireland. Throne moves to Tara (Torah). Brought Jacob’s Pillow (the Stone of Destiny) for the coronation, Judah’s harp (the harp is now the symbol of Ireland), a large chest etc. Founded colleges. Tamar buried at Tara (15 miles NW of Dublin) with chest. In 1985 the Israeli government carried out a dig on the site looking for the Ark of the Covenant. No, they didn’t say whether they found it.

500 BC The tribe of Judah had forgotten their original Hebrew and learnt the Aramaic language in Babylon; they brought it back to Judea. In the time of Jesus they spoke “Hebrew Aramaic,” a dialect of Aramaic. To this day the “Hebrew” of the Jews is Aramaic.

390 BC A Celtic army led by English princes Belinus and Brennus captures Rome.

The Celts, who were a wealthy trading nation thanks to Cornish tin and other metals, had spoken Greek to trade, now spoke Latin also, and were the only non Roman nation to be free men in Rome. Their language, Cornish or Gaelic, is said by experts to be at least 3,200 years old, which is a problem for experts as they think the Celts only existed from 650 BC. (Cornish or Gaelic was clearly the original Hebrew, the first language of the Old Testament, before Amos.)

The Celt Druids (“Hidden people”) had laws called Triads in threes, “the roads, rivers and harbours are free to all men” – we lost harbours in 1967. They believed in a holy Triad: “a soul that lurked in their bodies, a god they couldn’t see, and a great chief to come who’s name would be Yesu;” carried replica Arks of the Covenant before religious processions, and called themselves “Brit – ish,” “Covenant people” in their own language and called their land Britain, which means Covenant Land.

113 – 101 BC Roman armies defeated by British coming to aid of the Celtic Gauls.

55 BC Julius Ceasar, “Veni Vidi Vici”. Defeated by British, fails even to establish a camp, retreats to France. Roman writers poke fun: I came, I saw, I went back home.”

2 BC 29th September. Birth of Jesus.

14 AD onwards. Jesus arrives in Cornwall

brought by his uncle Joseph of Arimathea, Nobilis Decurion, who was related to the British Royal family. Carpenter’s apprentiship served here? See writings of St Augustine, 597AD, Gildas the Wise, 550 AD, William of Malmesbury 700AD.

20 AD Jesus involved with mining in Cornwall, the Mendip hills and Priddy in Somerset (local saying: “As sure as our Lord was at Priddy”).

Jesus stays at 12 locations in Cornwall including landing at Merchant’s point Tresco, the Pool at St Just in Roseland (church site) where they still have the stone he stepped ashore on, Place Manor, St Mawes, (church site) and the Strand (The Moor) in Falmouth, 3 in Somerset, 1 in Gloucestershire and one in Ireland. It appears he walked the pilgrims way to Winchester and landed at Hordle near Lymington.

Jesus built a house of mud and wattle at Glastonbury, where he spent his last 2 years before returning to Israel to be crucified. The Bretons will tell you Jesus visited his grandmother, the Duchesse St Anne, Patron Saint of Brittany, (Mary’s Mum) on his way to Cornwall.

The Israelite Royal family, descended from King David, had been growing for 14 generations and was large by the time Jesus was born into it. His relatives were married into almost every Royal house in Europe, enabling Kings to claim “divine right.” It seems Jesus’s part of it was at least half Breton/Britsh Celt through at least Mary and Joesph of Arimathea. Jesus was a family man: his mother, four brothers, two sisters and uncle were deeply involved in his Christian mission.

At this time King Cunobelinus, Arvirgaus’ father, has his Royal Mint at Colchester.

Matthew 10: 5-6 These twelve Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying, Go not into the way of the Gentiles, and into any city of the Samaritans enter ye not:[6] But go rather to the lost sheep of the House of Israel. – The 12 disciples’ first priority was NOT to go to the Gentiles. The church mislead us here. Jesus said in Matthew 15:24 “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the House of Israel”. Six of the 12 disciples came to Britain, the rest went to the Celtic nations of the Galatians, Ephesians, Thessalonians, Corinthians, Philippians and to Rome, where the British Royal Family were in residence.

34 AD March 21st Jesus’s death on the cross.

AD 36 Christian persecution. Joseph of Arimathea leaves Israel in open boat; arr. Marseilles with Jesus’s mother Mary and a total of 12 apostles including, Peter, Philip, Simon, Andrew (of Scotland) Mary Magdalene and Lazarus; they use the overland route to arrive in Cornwall.

Joseph baptizes Arviragus Prince of Cornwall, later king of Southern England, as a Christian. Gave him the long cross (red cross on white background) as his coat of arms, thenceforth always carried in to battle (later wrongly known as St George’s Cross. It is Joseph of Arimathea’s flag).

37 AD Joseph of Arimathea consecrates the worlds first above ground Christian church at Glastonbury. The building he used was almost certainly the one built by Jesus Christ with his own hands. His 12 apostles each given 160 tax free acres at Glastonbury, and his children married into the English Royal family (he was David-Judah). Magdalene Street is in Glastonbury. Buried Glastonbury Mary AD 48, Joseph AD 82. The holy Grail is or was buried there in Chalice Hill.

The British Royal Family were all converted to Christianity, and in the ensuing battles against the Romans the British armies fought as Christians.

St Paul preached from Ludgate Hill London (Cathederal site), St Paul’s Woods, Portsmouth, and Bangor, Wales (Abbey site).

42 AD Emperor Claudius of Rome decrees destruction of every British Christian or Druid, British institutions and libraries. See Roman writer Suetonius. Most of British ancient history destroyed and re-written to suit the barbaric Romans.

43 Aulus Plautius encamps at Chichester to carry out Claudius’s edict. Advanced defeated by British Silurian army and King Guiderius, elder brother to Arviragus, (second in command). Second battle Guideras killed, first king to be martyred for Christianity. Arviragus now King and commander. His senior cousin, welsh King Caradoc /Caractacus now brought into war, elected Pendragon – CIC. Held Romans at bay in 36 battles over 9 years.

45 Claudius asks for peace at Brandon Camp. Caractacus and Arviragas invited to Rome to negotiate an armistice. Claudius offers his daughter Venius Julia to Arviragus; they are married to seal the peace (she is of Trojan stock). Same year Charactacus’s sister, Gladys (“Princess!”) married Aulus Plautius. Like many of the trading British she spoke Celtic and Latin but was an authority on Greek; the Romans named her Pomponia Graecina. Plautius later became Christian. St Paul visited them in Rome. War restarted after 6 months.

St Paul wrote to the Lost Ten Tribes in his Epistles to the Galatians, Ephesians, and to the British Royal Family in Rome (Epistle to the Romans).

48 Ad King Conor Macnessa of Ulster sent priests to Avalon to record the Christian word. 
St Peter the disciple preached at the sites of Westminster Abbey and St Peter’s church, Cornhill in London. He never went to Rome.

52 Ostorius Scapula (replaced Plautius); Titus (who later scattered the Jews, AD 70), Geta, and the Emperor Claudius himself all came to Britain to defeat Caractacus (at Clune), who was betrayed by Cartismanda, Queen of the Brigantes (Yorkshire) and carried off to Rome with 3 generations of his family. Caractacus made famous speech to Roman senate in Latin. Instead of the usual brutal Roman death they were set free on his promise to remain in Rome for 7 years and thereafter not to take part in war against the Romans. Arviragus resumed command of the British army for several more years. Defeated Aulus Didius (Didius Gallus who founded Caer Dydd Cardiff) and Suetonius Paulinus; who then massacred thousands of English women, children and priests under the pretext of a truce.

53 Caractus’s second daughter, also called Gladys, “adopted” by Emporer Claudius, renamed Claudia, Christian marriage to Senator Rufus Pudens Pudentius (St Pauls’ half brother, mentioned Romans 16:13) (A de C of Plautius while in Britain) at the Palatium Britannicum in Rome. Caractacus gave the British Palace in Rome to the Pudentius’s. Prudens, Claudia and Linus greeted in 2 Timothy 4:21.

58 British Royal family founds first Christian church in Rome. 
58 Linus, Caractacus’s second son, Ordained by St Paul, became the first Bishop Of Rome. Pudentius’s eldest, Timotheus, gave the British palace to the first Christian Church of Rome. He and siblings died as martys for Christ.

59 St Aristobulus, (appointed Bishop of Britain by St Paul), brother of disciple Barnabus, murdered by Romans in St Albans, near London.

The Disciple Andrew of Galilee, Peter’s brother, preached in Scotland about this time.

60 Prasutagus, King of the Iceni in Anglia, dies; wife Boudicea (Caractacus was her uncle) becomes Queen. The Romans travelling through East Anglia under the then peace treaty suddenly attack, butchering the people and stripping their wealth. Boudicea is flogged and her daughters raped by the Romans. (Only one in ten men survived a barbaric Roman flogging). She raises a local army which eventually grew to 230,000; not clear if Arviragus supports her (he may have been observing a peace treaty) and she burns London, Colchester and St Albans to the ground; 80,000 Romans killed.

Later, cut off from most of her troops at Warwick , she poisoned herself. The battle ceased on news of her death; the Romans signed a treaty with the Iceni, restoring their wealth.

61 10th May. Simon, one of the original 12 disciples from Galilee, crucified by Roman Catus Decianus at Caistor, Lincolnshire, buried there.

70 AD Titus drives the Jews, the last remaining tribe, out of Israel. They are scattered around the world (mostly living as guests of other Israelite tribes without knowing it) for 1878 years. Leviticus 26 17:33.

86 treaty of Agricola. Romans actually observed it, peace in England for 200 years.

Several Roman Emperors ruled Rome from York in Yorkshire, England.

110 Writer Ptolemy states there were 56 large British cities

156 AD Winchester edict of British King Lucius formally establishing the Christian Church in England.

By 250 Around 6 million? murdered christians buried in 550 miles of Rome’s catacombs.

265 British King Coel (a merry old soul) of Colchester has a daughter, Elaine. Erudite and Christian, she marries the Roman Constantius Chlorus and has a son, Constantine.

287 Admiral Carausius, a Menapian, arrives with ships and declares himself Emperor at York.

294 Allectus murders him in York and is Roman Emperor for 2 years.

296 Constantius Chlorus defeats Allectus in battle and rules Rome from York for 10 years. King Coel’s daughter, the English Elaine, is Empress of Rome. Chlorus dies 306 AD.

303 St George of Lydda, Palestine, a Roman General, (later patron saint of England), executed by the Emperor Diocletian for his Christianity in Rome – may have visited Elaine in York.

306 Elaine and Chlorus’s son, the British and Christian Constantine, declares himself Emperor of Rome at York, England. (the only Christian Roman Emperor)

312 Constantine with a British army defeats rival Emperor Maximillian of Germany at the Tiber river, Rome. After crowning in Rome declares Rome Christian. Moves throne to Constantinople. His English Mum, Elaine “The Empress Helena” builds cathedral at Treves, dies in 336.

337 Emperor Constantine dies, splits empire between 3 sons – African, Byzantine, Roman.

350 Roman Catholics founded in Rome, and the Pope invented, 200 years after the Christian Church was formally established in England, and 310 years after the British Royal family became Christian. Ooops, sorry Roman Catholics!!

450 Maelgwyn of Llandaff records that Joseph of Arimathea and his eleven companions were buried at Glastobury and his toombstone reads “I came to the Britons after I buried Christ. I taught. I rest.”

500 AD King Fergus takes Jacob’s Stone of Destiny to Scone in Scotland for all Coronations.

House of the Apostles in Sandwich, Kent, (6 of the 12 disciples stayed there) destroyed about this time.

539 Death of a King called Arthur at the Battle of Camlann. Arthur is said to have claimed descent from Joseph of Arimathea, which would have been correct, particularly if he was a descendant of Cornsh Kings, perhaps one of his castles was on the site of the castle at Tintagel. There were several provincial Kings called Arthur, this one fits the dates he is supposed to have lived.

570 The Galatians finally stopped speaking Celtic as the last of the Celts left.

597 The Roman Catholic St Augustine arrives to “Christianise” England. He is surprised to be met by English Bishops who tell him he is welcome if he doesn’t interfere. He writes to Pope Gregory that the British are already Christian, and that Jesus himself built a church here. The Roman Catholic church eventually destroyed much of the old English/Celtic church and suppressed the English and particularly the Irish with taxes and demands that made it enormously rich and powerful – very unchristian.

The Pope created the Virgin Mary, and made graven images of her for worship – but Mary wasn’t a virgin, she had at least seven children: (Jesus, James, Joseph, Judas, Simon and two daughters) Matthew 13:55, Mark 3:31, 6:3, and Joseph only “knew her not” until the birth of Christ, Matthew 1:25.

Luke 11:27 “A certain woman said unto him, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked. [28] But Jesus said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.” – In English: don’t worry about Mary or the method of my arrival, concentrate on the word of God

Catholics call Mary “Queen of Heaven” – a pre-existing pagan goddess condemned by God in Jeremiah 7:8. Mathew 6:9 You are allowed to pray to God, and through Jesus Christ alone: John 14:6 “No man commeth to the father, except by me.” And read the whole chapter. The 12 stars and the blue of the EU flag are taken from Babylonian Queen of Heaven paintings.

620 St Paulinus’ Bishop of York protects Joseph’s 37AD Glastonbury Church with a wood and lead covering.

Up to 1066: Angles (Tribe of Ephraim) Saxons (Issac’s sons) Jutes (Tribe of Yehuda) and Normans (Tribe of Benjamin) invade England; they are all Celts.

Five of the Israelite groups that left Assyria arrived in Britain with the same names as when they left: the Tuatha de Dannan, Tribe of Dan; the Khymri (Welsh, eg Plaid Cymru), the Scythians (on Roman maps of Scotland), the Celtoi, and the Saxones -Saxons, Issac’s sons. “in Issac shall your seed be called” (Gen. 21:12) and we still are – as Anglo-Saxons.

1184 Joseph of Arimathea’s Christian chruch in Glastonbury, the first in the world, is destroyed by fire.

1199 Death of King Richard. King John died 1216. Robin Hood was said to have lived in this time; there is no historical record.

1296 AD Edward I takes Jacob’s Pillow stone to England, used for coronation of all English monarchs.

1320 6th April Declaration of Arbroath “We the Scots who travelled from Greater Scthia and finally arrived in Scotland 1,200 years after Moses Exodus” – Scythia was where the lost 10 tribes resided after 721 BC.

1230 AD Jacobus de Voragine, Bishop of Genoa, described St George’s 303 AD exploits in a book, the Golden Legend, and St Joseph’s flag seems to have become St George’s flag sometime after this.

1345 Joseph of Arimathea’s tomb destroyed. Silver casket now in Glastonbury church.

1620 onwards. 13th tribe, Manassah leaves British Isles and populates the USA with 13 colonies. Sign of Manessah is on the US Great Seal (sheaf of arrows and an olive branch, 13 leaves). So is the unfinished temple and eye of Lucifer – the USA has been corrupted, Half the founding fathers were 33rd degree masons, and we have the Skull and Bones, and Bush family.

1870 Queen Victoria’s family tree published; she’s a direct descendent, through an unbroken line of Monarchs, of King David of Israel.

1902 Kaiser Wilhelm II celebrates the arrival, from Babylon, of the massive Altar of Pergamon, the seat of satan, in Berlin, Germany. They also transported the gates of Babylon, the Ishtar Gate, to Berlin. Hitler too held pagan celebrations on satan’s altar. (Revelation 2:12-13). The result was 20 million deaths in WW1, 54 million in WW2 (and soon 1 billion in the German European Union’s nuclear war.)

1931 In a dispute between Archbishops, the Vatican re-affirms that Britain is the senior Christian country with the world’s first Christian church; recognises Joseph of Arimathea’s chruch at Gastonbury, and the ministry of St Peter, Simon, Andrew, St Paul and Aristobulus to the British Isles.

1940 22nd June. The Nazi Government sets up the EEC, Hermann Goering and Von Ribbentrop in charge. 1942 First EU conference at Berlin University – papers include “a common currency, common agricultural poicy, common defence policy” etc. – all the usual EU stuff. 1943 first 13 nation EEC summit in Germany. Hitler sets up the Deutsche Vertiden Dienst intelligence Department – DVD to control development of the EU – a role it still performs today. 1946 – after the fall of the nazis, the EEC switches to a communist basis. EEC disinformation begun with “Monnet and Salter founed the EU”.

1942 September 3rd King George VI, who was well aware we are the House of Israel and that God alone would protect us his nation, at three desperate times in World War II called the nation to prayer and three times we were delivered.

1917-1948 Balfour declaration. Britain gives Palestinian land that has belonged to the Arabs for nearly 2,000 years to the Jews (Tribe of Judah), thus sowing the seed for our future misery and the Armageddon to come. The Jews retaliate to the Arabs’ understandable fury with cruelty and brutality. The US finances and arms the Jews against the billion Arabs who own and control our oil supplies (who used to be our allies), guaranteeing future wars. Why couldn’t we just have given those 3 million Jews a couple of thousand square miles in Canada, Australia or the USA and avoided Armageddon?

1952 Queen Elisabeth II, crowned as all British monarchs before her, on Jacob’s Pillow; (actually it had been stolen by the Scots) and the coronation service quotes Zadok the priest, fullfilling God’s promise to David in II Samuel 7: 10-16; I Kings 2:4, Psalm 89:4, Jeremiah 31:35-36, 33:17 that David would never want a descendant to sit on his throne of Israel, and there will be a nation of Israel (note Israel, not Judah) as long as there is a sun, moon, stars, day and night.

Look up. There is a sun, moon and stars (weather permitting). So where is Israel now?

The New Jerusalem was builded here, and in plenty of time before the destruction of the old Jerusalem in 70AD. Now England is being undermined and destroyed by our own politicians colluding with the corrupt and wholly undemocratic European Union, which is bribing our politicians with massive salaries to work for that destruction and deny us the basic right to vote against the EU to keep our nation.

1955 Scores of German Frankfurt School subversion techniques start to be implemented in Britain: churches made irrelevant and now empty, the teaching of sex and homosexuality to children, the creation of racialism offences, continual change to create confusion, undermining parents, the family, teachers, political correctness etc.

1970 Huge disinformation programme illegally funded by the Foreign Office begun to decieve us about the true intentions of the EU. Heath, Rippon, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, William Whitelaw deeply involved; Norman Reddaway ran it (see classified document FCO 30/1048 released under the 30 year rule). Programme still running today and a huge success: The public now believe the EU was started by Monnet and Salter, not the Nazis; no longer believe we ever had a British Constitution, don’t realise the EU is treason and illegal, or that it will be a ruthless dictatorship. Common Law, and our rights are forgotten – its Gods law, quotes KJV, Leviticus and Deuteronomy extensively. See

The destruction of Britain, so ably begun by Ted Heath (agent for the DVD – Deutsche Verteiderungsdienst intelligence department), doesn’t have to happen. But if British traitors continue to push it through, Britains’s destruction at the EU’s hands will be quick and complete. The nation of England and all our counties will also completely disappear. Our Prime Ministers would have spent their lives behind bars if Tony Blair handn’t illegally repealed the laws of treason (in the Crime and Disorder Act 1998), as treason is what our Ministers are committing.

In ten years Tony Blair has passed the laws that built the EU police state in Britain, and ruthlessly implemented the EU’s agenda, not that of his voters. Gordon Brown will do the same.

Perhaps the biggest betrayal coming from Queen Elizabeth II, who, since 1972, has signed five traitorous EU treaties in full knowledge they were illegal under the British Constitution. She is the only British Monarch to have broken all her Coronation oaths. Never once did she refuse to sign without insisting on a vote of the people. She is complicit in the abolition of both Britain and the Monarchy. In the EU her heir will at best be prince of a principality, not a King. Now there is only her sixth signature on the sixth treaty between us and being imprisoned in the EU dictatorship. She has allowed Jacob’s pillow to leave Westminster. If it does not return the heir will be invalid anyway.

With Prince Charles determined to lose his Kingdom for a horse, it may all be over for England.

Our churches are empty and as a result we, the British, Celtic, House of Israel, are going into captivity in the EU as we did so often in the old testament when we deserted our God. As our politicians will not allow us a vote to leave the EU, filling our chuches is now the only way to stop it.

The EU will make us refugees in our own country. If we fail to stop it our only escape to freedom from the EU will be by leaving these lovely islands. We will never get Britain back.

God’s covenant will ensure someone is crowned on the Stone. Watch the Stone to see who is the next valid Israelite ruling Monarch.

Most people mistakenly believe the Jews, who number about 17 million today, are all the Israelites. But the Jews are only one of 12 tribes , ie about 8% of the Israelites. The lost 10 tribes must now be at least 170 million people. Not many people realise that Abraham, Issac and Jacob weren’t Jews either, and wouldnt have known what a Jew was (the first Jew hadn’t been born in their time). (Nor was Moses! He was a Levite – tribe of Levi.) DNA examination will eventually prove who the House of Israel is.

The Jewish religion is not the religion of Abraham-Issac-Israel-David. The rot had set in long before Jesus’s time; the Pharisees and Sadducees belived first in the satanic Talmad (originated c 580BC in Babylon), and paid scant attention to the Old Testament. Jesus continually opposed their teachings. The Talmad book of Mishnah existed in oral form in Jesus’s time but he condemned it in Mark 7:1-13. Today Orthodox and Hasidic Jewish Rabbis still believe first in the Talmad; the Old Testament comes a poor second, and they still reject Christ.

Romans 11:25: For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery,… that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.

So where is the true religion of the House of Israel now?
Every Sunday in the Church of England our nation says:
Priest. O Lord, save the Queen.
Answer. And mercifully hear us when we call upon thee.
Priest. Endue thy Ministers with righteousness.
Answer. And make thy chosen people joyful.
Priest. O Lord, save thy people.
Answer. And bless thine inheritance.
Priest. Give peace in our time, O Lord.
Answer. Because there is none other that fighteth for us, but only thou, O God.

And in Communion we say: Our Lord Jesus Christ said: Hear, O Israel, The Lord our God is one Lord; and thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength. This is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

Isn’t it clear we still have our original Old and New Testament religion, and that we are the House of Israel? And isn’t it way past time the Church of England and every Vicar woke up?

God gave his Covenant People, and particularly the House of Israel, a job to do. It is to worship him only, to spread his word to the world, to be independent and separate, to be an influence for good and to stand up against evil. Britain, under 50 years of louzy governments and awful church leaders, has stopped doing all these things.

We allow evil and antichrists to march unchecked. Lucifer is finishing his unfinished temple and New World Order, of which the EU is the part closest to us. Our Church and Government is not challenging Lucifers main instruments, including the Bilderbergers (300 powerful people including Ken Clarke, Hesletine, John Major, almost certainly the Queen), the Masons (as a Mason you are deceived until you reach the 33rd level, when you are informed you are serving Lucifer), and Common Purpose, which has infiltrated our bureaucracy, Councils and NHS to destroy them from within.

We go to war with “President” Bush, who twice falsified his election results (the second time with computers – foolproof, there’s no audit trail). George W is the third generation of Bush family arms dealers and warmongers who have openly sworn allegiance to Lucifer, killed 950,000 Iraqis since 1990 (Gulf War One), and falsely pretend to be Christians. (Their weapons corporations are the Carlyle Group and Haliburton; they’ve made over $30 billion out of Iraq.)

Grandad Prescott Bush was tried, convicted and found guilty of financing fellow satanist Hitler into power between 1922 and 1936. Judgement was given on 20th October 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy act. Its in the American historical record for all to see, yet still our Prime Minister does business with this family of antichrists. Perhaps no wonder George Galloway describes Tony Bliar in his autobiography as “The most evil man I have ever met.”

Our nation is being sabotaged, mostly by our government; newspaper headlines everyday report some nonsensical, but deliberate piece of destruction to our way of life. (That’s the EU implementing the Frankfurt School subversion techniques via Common Purpose.) Our democracy is being withdrawn at all five levels of government as we go in to the EU, where there is none. The five treaties our Queen has already signed define the EU a dictatorship; the laws it has already passed make it obviously a police state, if you read them.

The Conservative Party leadership has been controlled by the EU since the 1960’s; David Cameron is as dedicated to the EU as was Ted Heath. The UKIP leadership are all members of the EU sham parliament (MEP’s) on 300-500,000 Euros pa and interested only in preserving their EU salaries; the Labour and the Lib-Dems leaderships have been controlled by the EU for 15 years. None of these parties will save us.

We are going into captivity in the EU, the final incarnation of the savage Roman Empire, (the one that killed Christ,) founded on the Treaty of Rome 1956. Its philosophy and 465 page Constitution is communist; it will be controlled by the Germans (descended from the Assyrians – Aryians) (see the Treaty of Elysee 1963) and its unelected dictators will have the nuclear weapons of the former nations of Britain and France. It will make the 1939-45 war look like a picnic.

On the 14th December 2004 the Daily Mail cited Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, for inaction, and asked: “What is the point of this man?” His Church will be disestablished by the EU (you can’t have an established church without a nation to establish it to); he doesn’t care and there is talk about it becoming a Limited company. The Synod is openly pro-EU; that will lead to the CofE’s absorption by the EU’s Roman Catholic Church.

The church has abdicated its responsibilities, and made itself irrelevant to us by refusing to “do politics.” The church was established to the Israelite nation before 1,000BC precisely so it could “do politics”, so did Moses, Jeremiah, Jesus, and St Paul, who wrote in Ephesians 6:[12] “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” In todays language, against governments and their corruption. Williams’ leadership is abysmal, and he should either wake up, or resign immediately.

The European Union boasts in its murals and statues it is the Beast of Revelation, Under the EU we in Britain will become starving, then so poor we will be unable to bury our dead. The EU will first attack the Muslims for their oil (the Muslim nations will never be a threat to us), then invade Israel and kill 2/3rds of its people. The EU will use the weapons of the former nations of Britain and France to start nuclear war. A billion will die.

Christ will return “lest no flesh be spared.”

We need to leave the EU before it destroys us; avoid its poverty, suppression and wars, and be an independant Christian nation as God required. With the world’s 5th largest economy, and him to protect us whenever we call on him nationally in prayer, we will have freedom, joy and individual prosperity according to his promises, and escape the tribulation described in Revelation. We need a General Strike against the EU now until our traiterous Prime Minister, Ministers, MPs and Law Lords capitulate.

The biblical proof the Celts are the House of Israel.For printing as a one page .pdf

On the bright side, prophecy seems to say we will get out of the EU. But unfortunately Remainers like the EU dictatorship, and are very happy its based on the Soviet model. That’s why most MP’s are Remainders.

Teresa May sabotaged the 398 MP’s who voted to leave on the 29th March 2019 without a deal. She was always a Remainer, and clearly still is.

Will Boris manage to blunder us out? He’s the only hope.

Well, it was Nigel Farage who got us out.

And, Boris appears to be doing all the right things. Lets hope it continues.

Here’s Tim McHyde’s Armageddon Roadmap. The four satanic horsemen of the Apocalypse are already here, and the churches didn’t notice.

They are: Th Roman Catholic Church, who worships the satanic Queen of Heaven, banned in Jeremiah 7:18. And they have interfered with thousands of little boys, and murdered nuns who became mothers as a result of priests activity. Communicsm killed 40 million.

Our courts are organised crime syndicates, and satanic. Thousands of innocents have been convicted. And big corporatins fleece us, big pgharma and the MHRA kill 200,000 british every year. We are in the 5th of seven seals; we have 7 trumps and atomic war in Arabia and the USA to come.

A one page proof the Celts are the House of Israel.For printing as a .pdf

Two sided summary and prayer for printing as a .pdf

A link to that gives six actions you can take to stop the EU.

Mirror site for the six actions you can take to stop the EU.

Some ancient British Libraries (eg Iona) were carried off to Rome are locked in the Vatican to this day. Can we have them back please?

Bibliography:All biblical references are KJV – King James Version of 1611 – the most accurate bible.

See Roman writers Juvenal; Tacitus (Recorded King Caradoc’s speech); Suetonius Tertullian, (Latin Church) Cardinal Baronius and Sir Henry Spelman, Freculphus [Bishop of Lisieux, France Some dates from The Drama of the Lost Disciples by George Jowett Books by E Raymond Capt. Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea AD 313-338 Documents by The Venerable Bede. Sonnini Manuscript published detailing St Paul’s missing 6 years and time spent in Britain. St Augustine’s letter to Pope Gregory; William of Malmesbury. The Doomsday surveys confirming the 12 parcels 160 tax free acres given by King Avaragus to the 12 apostles who arrived with Joseph of Arimathea. JW Taylor “The coming of the Saints”

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